Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easter visits

Don't mind that Easter was almost a month ago. I am in the middle of our outdoor soccer season, and I average 6 games a weekend and practice every week night.

Easter morning we woke up and the Easter bunny left a trail of eggs from her room to the family room where her goodies were. In the future, we will do an egg hunt in the yard and the Bunny will hide her basket for her to find. Maybe next year she will be old enough to get it.

Loaded Easter basket!

I, the Easter Bunny, found some Elmo eggs and put some Cheerios and other snacks in them for her. She got quite excited when she realized there was food in them. It didn't turn out so well when we went to Andy's parents and there jelly beans in the eggs and we took them away from her :/

We then went to Mass and then headed out to Andy's parents for brunch and another egg hunt.

Right to dirt of course!

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  1. Looks like the bunny treated her pretty well this year!