Tuesday, April 10, 2012

15 months

Technically Peighton isn't 15 months until the 25th, but since I have posted twice in the last two months, I thought  I would put this up now while she naps :)

Peighton is such an independent little girl. Yes, little girl; not a baby :( She enjoys going into her room and reading her books, pushing her baby around in the stroller, watching Elmo, Zoey or Rio and playing outside in the dirt. She loves collecting sticks, flowers and whatever she can find and stashes them away in piles. She often tries to eat the dirt as well.

She has 8 teeth (4 top and 4 bottom) and is getting her right top and bottom molars. She says momma, dadda, hello, hi, bye, baby, muah and what's that. She is also learning her animal noises. She does a kitty, puppy, monkey, bunny, fishy, cow and tiger. She is a smart little booger who understands what we saw. We are always asking her to give us love, wave bye-bye, show us her nose, go get her baby, book or Elmo ect.

It is so much fun seeing her catch on and take things in so quickly!

She loves her Elmo chair!

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  1. Oh I never realised but Liam is only 4 days older than Peighton!! Everything you described, he is doing also and it is so incredibly fun to observe!!
    Happy 15 months to your beautiful little girl :)
    What a great Elmo chair!!