Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good little girl this year! I make mommy and daddy the happiest people in the world you see. They are actually quite easy to please. I give them lots of baby hugs, crooked tooth grins and try my best to sleep through the night. While I have yet to change my own butt, I do try and help mommy out by saving the extra stinky ones for when mommy is at work.  I am taking my first steps and this time next year, I will be running to visit you and the elves at the North Pole. For Christmas I would really like some outside toys so I can invite all my friends over in the spring to play in the backyard. I would love some Little People toys as I am starting to be good at playing independently and I am ready for a baby doll. I have lots of love to share <3

I would also like to ask for another wonderful year for my mommy and daddy. I love them so much and they deserve a trillion dollars (feel free to deliver!). They both work so hard; so daddy deserves for his K-State Wildcats to win the Cotton Bowl and mommy deserves a day off to pamper herself.

I think that is all. You may not have any cookies because mommy is a cookie monster and tends to eat them all.

Until next year,


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