Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She is what? 12 weeks old?!

My baby girl is no longer a newborn! She turned 12 weeks old on Tuesday.

At 12 weeks old Peighton is sleeping through the night, smiling all the time, talking up a storm, wearing 3-6month clothing and just truly a happy little girl! At her doctors appointment at 10 weeks, she was 24 inches long and 12lbs 13oz.

The next few weeks are going to be busy busy busy! This weekend I will be coaching 1 game Friday and 2 games Saturday and Sunday is Easter! Of course Peighton is too small to enjoy the traditions we will set for her, but mommy already has her Easter basket ready to go. (Confession- I actually had it ready about a month ago) Once she is older I look forward to having our own egg hunt, church, coloring eggs and of course Easter baskets. I grew up having the Easter bunny hide our baskets and then we had to search the house for them, so we will do the same for Peighton. Once she finds her basket she can then use it to go on her egg hunt :) The following weekend my dad comes into town (yay!!), both of my soccer teams have a tournament and Adam will receive his First Communion. Then the weekend after that my mom and grandma come to town to help us celebrate Peighton getting baptized! She will be baptized on Mother's day which just makes my first Mother's Day extra special!

Here is a video shot last week. I was getting ready and put P in her crib and she was a happy little camper!!

And here are a few pictures of course!

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