Monday, March 21, 2011

8 weeks old!

Hi everyone!

I have fallen behind on my blogging as Peighton and I have just been enjoying our days too much!!

Let's see, tomorrow she will be 8 weeks old and I swear, she gets more adorable every day! She pretty much sleeps through the nights (which mommy loves!!) and has been smiling! Well, she has been smiling for awhile, but just when she toots or poops. Now we get the smiles, minus the mess :)

I packed up her newborn clothes long ago, and she has long legs like her momma so the 0-3 sleepers with feet are close to being packed up as well.

My mom was in town last week and it was great to have her help! We went wedding dress shopping too! :) We miss her already and looking forward to her next trip out!

Today we went on a walk as it is a perfect 75 degree day here in Kansas. She loves going out and I think she knows that everyone will ooh and awe over her. She gladly accepts the compliments and returns them with a smile or small coo.

The outdoor spring soccer season is underway so I am busy busy with my 2 teams! Also, tomorrow is Andy's 28th bday! He is getting old :)  Happy birthday babe! Andy is such a great man to me and a wonderful dad to Peighton. We argue over who gets to hold her in church and he loves to have her in his lap and read to her. He never complains on changing her diaper (I may or may not make him change most of them) :) and he glows with pride when he talks about her. He talks all the time about how he can't wait to run around with her and teach her to ride a bike. Here's to another great great year together and looking forward to the times to come :)

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