Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter and Happy 3 months Peighton!

I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday! Andy and I got up and what do you know, the Easter bunny had found us!
  Mommy was happy to play the part of Easter bunny...
 Daddy... well, he wasn't so happy. muahaha

We then met all of his family out at their church for Mass. Peighton caused many people to come down with neck soreness from all the rubber necking to see her pretty dress and big headband mommy picked out :) After church we went to his parents for brunch and our own Easter egg hunt.

See mommy helping Peighton in her first egg hunt:

After the little kids hunted, us big kids did our own hunt. I was the last one to find an egg. Pretty sure you can see in the picture that I was mad and am not a good loser :)

                                                                      Photo shoot!
                                                                 My pretty family!

We then went to Andy's grandparents house and they had a special little basket for her to find. She did it! :)

And one last picture of my beautiful girl :)

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