Thursday, January 20, 2011

C'mon out baby!!

Man, I have slacked on the blogging! I have thought of it many times, but truth be told, Andy and I haven't had much to share! Obviously we are getting closer and closer to my due date-11 days!!! I am so excited for her to be here, but Andy and I have been sure to just enjoy our last few weeks of nights/weekends with just the 2 of us. I won't be able to lounge around uninterrupted for much longer, or run to the store with out second thought or make plans with friends on a whim. The last 2 weeks I have gotten a few of the last minute things, done a lot of baby laundry and will be stocking up on groceries this weekend.

We had a growth ultra sound on Monday. Good news is that she looks to be very healthy. A bit of uneasiness has been caused by the news that the tech estimated her weight to be 8lbs 9oz at 38 weeks! EEEEEEEK!! Her head is average size, length is longer (85th percentile) and her abdomen is measuring in the 99th percentile at 42 weeks!! I guess she has been benefiting from my craving of chocolate milk :) The doctor is not too concerned, and she says she will just keep an eye on my measurements the next 2 weeks and most likely schedule another ultrasound the day before my due date. Most offices allow women to go to 42 weeks, but there is no way in hell I will go that long. If she doesn't come on her own in the next 11 days, we will look to get induced the first week of February. Hopefully she is ready to make her debut soon!

We did get a few pictures, but compared to the last ultrasound, you can barely make anything out due to her being squished! I will post a pic of her face and bonus points if you can make her out! Her forhead is on the far right, eyes are the dark circles, you can see her cute chubby cheeks and her left hand was being moved over her face so she could suck her hand.

Yesterday we also got a big snow storm! Around 8 inches blanket Kansas City now with another storm expected on Sunday to bring us another 4-7 inches. Luckily today was my day off so I was snowed in with some movies, hot chocolate and a list of chores to catch up on! Here is Andy shoveling the driveway!

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