Monday, December 27, 2010

I love the Holidays!

I sure do love Christmas!! The holidays seemed to sneek up on us this year! I worked Christmas Eve morning and then I napped while Andy wrapped presents. (nothing like the last minute) We met Andy's family for Christmas Eve mass and were excited as Adam got picked to be Joseph. Mass was good, but we were a bit disappointed as all Joseph got to do was walk down in a robe, sit in the front and then walk out. I remember being little and being the head angel in our Children's Christmas play. We were hoping for some Broadway scenes! Non the less, he killed it and looked adorable! We went to his parents for dinner and drinks and had a blast.

Christmas morning we slept in and woke up to coffee and cinnamon rolls. Yummy! We had agreed to keep Christmas simple this year since we are one of those couples who if we need/want something; we buy it instead of waiting around and with the baby coming in just a few weeks, there isn't much we need now a days. We stuff each other's stocking with goodies and then agreed to exchange one gift each. Andy made out with an electric shaver, a KState shirt, hat, gloves, Season 1 of Entourage and some smell good spray. His big gift is a ticket to next weeks' Chiefs vs. Raiders game. He will be going with Alex, Tony and his dad. The Chiefs are in the playoffs for the first time in 8 years! Wohoo! Andy did great and I got lotions and gels for baths and massages after baby is here (He promises these will happen), Starbucks giftcard, comfy socks and a few others. He got Baby girl an adorable little fleece dress and totally surprised me with a sweet new video camera!! We have been talking about getting one forever, but just hadn't gotten around to it. So now we can record every second of her life lol

Later that night we exchanged presents with his older brother Tony and his wife Sarah. Christmas is just a special day and it is Sarah's Bday, so we decided it would be the perfect time to ask them to be our daughter's Godparents. I made a cute note that said "Dear Uncle Tony and Aunt Sarah, We have yet to meet, but I know my mommy and daddy sure love you two a whole lot. I want to ask a special question...Will you please be my Godparents? Love, Baby Girl"

Thanks to my wonderful honey, see the video below!

A Christmas night tradition is to go to the Casino's and gamble away! Us girls always make our money last for a bit on the the penny slots and the guys hit the black jack tables. The best part is usually when we all go and play Roulette together! The 6 of us can sure get rowdy!

Hope everyone had a great time with family and friends!

Much love!

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