Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our busy home

November has been a very busy month for us!! My Aunt Georgia was in town for 4 days for my first baby shower and it was so good to see her. We have always been really close, and it was great to be able to catch up and enjoy each other's company.
Here we are together when we went to Montana in June- Yellowstone National Park

Out went my aunt and then the next day my mom flew in from California. I was anxious to have my mom here as she used to be crafty and sewed lots of our childhood bedroom sets and outfits, so I was happy to have her help me get the nursery together as I had nothing put together. 

Here is a picture of the nursery when we first moved in. Notice the popcorn ceilings and ugly color. We also tore out the carpets as the previous owners did not have cleanliness on the top of the priority lists.

Here is a picture of the room painted and with the furniture, but with non of my ideas and plans for the walls/decor executed.

The day after my mom arrived, we got to work making several trips to JoAnn's fabric, Michaels and Hobby Lobby. We picked up material for my mom to re-upholster the glider and ottoman, make curtains and the hamper. I picked up all types of goodies to make all the craft ideas I have been collecting from HGTV, Pottery Barn and Etsy.

 You can see the bedding I picked out in one of the previous pictures. It has birds and a tree on it and I LOVE it! It is girly enough to balance out the blue walls but isn't "Baby-ish" so she can grow into it for her toddler room as well.
I bought the birdhouses above from Michaels for only a dollar each and they were unfinished. I sanded them and picked out paint to match the room and got creative. After a few coats I added moss, buttons and flowers to give them some character. I think they turned out so cute!!

I got the idea to make my own lamp shade from Pottery Barn kids. They had a cute lamp shade covered in dried flowers and they were asking $100 bucks!! I bought a plain white lamp shade from target for $12.00, picked up some pink sheer fabric, a box of white fabric flowers and some little pink flowers with some green leaves to give it some flair. 4 sticks of glue and an hour and a half later... wahla!! 

My mom made both of these valences in one day!! They look great and give the room some pop. Great job mom!!

My mom hard at work on the glider

Put Andy to work hanging stuff and doing "Man projects"

My mom and I after a few hard days work. Note the branch on the wall. That is from our backyard and I just hard Andy bolt it into the wall. He thought I was crazy, but it turned out super cute. I painted the picture frames and they are hanging by ribbon.
 I got the shelves unfinished from Michael's and painted them and had Andy hang them up. I have the bird houses, a few shadow boxes, a children's prayer and my childhood crucifix on display.

My mom and I enjoyed some great quality time and it was so good to get so much done!!

A few days after my mom left, my brother and dad came in from California as well. Andy is very handy, but I knew there were things I could ask my dad and brother to work on as well. My brother is really good with computers and cars and my dad has always been a good builder & organizer. After a few days, one of our cars had 4 new brake pads and the other car is running like new! The closet in the baby's room is really small, so my dad added another shelf and hanging rod! Also, our garage door opener had died the week before, so thanks to Black Friday, we got a fancy new one with all kinds of neat features!! The guys spent half a day installing it... well, they judged the time by beers consumed, but who am I to judge :)

It has been a great visit. I miss them so much and we had lots of quality time together and with Andy's family. We went over to his parent's home Thanksgiving day and had a blast. We also went to church together and that was nice so they could meet the priest that will marry us next October and see our beautiful church.

We took Drew and dad to the Kstate vs. Duke basketball game

 The boys installing our new garage door opener
 Me, dad, Andy's youngest brother Adam, sister Aimee and mom Eileen
 The guys. My brother Drew, Andy's brother Alex, dad Dave, my dad Joe, Andy and his older brother Tony
Me, dad, Drew and Andy

Dad, me and Drew

Hard at work on the baby's closet

Sorry for the long posts! There has been lots going on and we are so happy and thankful!!!

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