Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Showers!

Shower #1-

It seems like just yesterday when I met my best friend Becca for lunch back in July and told her that Andy and I were having a baby! Fast forward to November 6th, and it was shower day #1 hosted by Becca and her mom Ann. Becca and I go back. Way back. We met on the soccer field when we were only 11 and it is amazing that she has been my best friend ever since. Our lives and families quickly became intertwined and our dads... well you just have to see them together to fully understand their "special" relationship lol

Becca and I

Anyways, I had been looking forward to this day for months of course. I think that having a baby shower is a milestone in your pregnancy and it feels so good to really celebrate the baby soon on her way! I am very blessed to have awesome friends and many that traveled from across the country to celebrate! I have a group of college soccer girlfriends that  I know will be lifelong friends and two words describe them the best. "Loyal and scandalous". My aunt Georgia also flew in from Montana to celebrate her great niece and get some much needed retail therapy in! A big thank you to all of my friends and family for their love and support, and to those who couldn't physically be there but sent their love and thoughts.

Some of my friends!

One of my favorite presents! This book will be read many times :)

Abby's daughter Rilyn and I. I was there the day she was born!!

My Aunt Georgia, FMIL and FSIL

My Ottawa girls!

Shower #2-

The following Sunday, November 14th, Andy's mom, sister and sister-in-law threw me another WONDERFUL shower!! Both of Andy's parents come from strong, large families that have deep roots in the Kansas City area and his mom Eileen is a major social butterfly. She and the family have established so many friends that have children the same age as the 5 kids, old neighbors and of course all of the aunts and cousins. All together there were around 50 people there to celebrate!! There were many that I had never met or just met in passing, so the fact that they were so generous to come and celebrate our baby was wonderful! Aimee and Eileen had awesome food and drinks, including California club sandwiches to honor my roots and a beautiful cake! Sarah was in charge of the the "fluff"; all the games and decorations and cute stuff. All 3 did an amazing job!

Adorable cake! (and it was delicious too!!)

The hosts and I. Sarah, Aimee and Eileen

Andy's cousin Harley. She asked if she could help me unwrap all the presents and 
was a really big help!!

After an hour and a half unwrapping presents, thanking all the guests for their generosity!! 

We are so blessed!! 

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