Monday, November 29, 2010

Our little(big and long) baby girl

Andy and I had our first ultra sound on September 23rd  and I was 21 weeks along. We were so anxious, excited, nervous ect to see pictures of our baby!! We had heard the heartbeat at several previous appointments, and each time I would just look at Andy and I could feel our hearts melt for the baby just a little more. It turns out that our baby was a perfectly healthy little girl! The doctor was really excited that we had a greed to allow a medical student to watch, as she was able to identify all 4 parts of the brain (don't ask me to recite them all), parts of her stomach, we could see her practicing swallowing and of course, able to identify the fact that we were having a girl!!

I had thought that we were having a boy, but Andy had said all along that he was going to have two princess' to take care of. When we first bought and remodeled/painted our house, the now baby room was going to be an office and we painted it a grey/blue. The room was an ugly pink before hand, so we joked that God thought it would be funny to bless us with a girl after we covered the pink walls. It always works out though, as we have decided to keep the room blue (that will be another post).

We have joked about how big our baby will be, as Andy was a monster at almost 10 pounds!! I was just about 7 and a half and we were both pretty long. Now with me at 5'9 and Andy at 6'2, this little girl will be a natural volleyball ball stud/center soccer defender. Sure enough, the doctor informed us that baby girl at only 21 weeks, was in the 85th percentile in length!!!!! I will have another ultrasound around 36 weeks to make sure I don't have a female Shaq inside me :)

Just imagine this long arm spiking the ball down on an opponent's face!! haha

Today I am 31 weeks! She is the size of a squash and anywhere from 3-4 pounds. It is crazy to think that I only have 9 more weeks until she is here with daddy and I! We feel pretty prepared now that the nursery is pretty much done and I have already had two AMAZING showers (another post as well). I feel her kick ALL the time and she loves to kick and stretch those gangly arms under mommy's ribs! In the last week or two, I can really feel her rotate around and Andy has been able to feel her bony little elbow pertrude from my belly. She gets happy after I drink a big glass of chocolate milk or some grapes and apples. Sleeping is uncomfortable and I can just sleep on my sides and surrounded by pillows.

In case you were wondering why you have not read what her name is, that is because it is a surprise! We are waiting until she enters the world to share her name with everyone :) And no, we are not giving out hints!

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