Monday, July 11, 2011

It finally happened

She did it. That sneaky, gross, adorable  little girl. P peed all over her momma. We often co-bathe and Andy handed her to be and bam. She did her business.
Good thing I love this little monster and can't help but crack up.

She LOVES water. Bath time/swim time is her all time favorite thing to do!


  1. LOL!! I'm dreading the day Arianna peeds or poops in the tub. I haven't came across that yet.

    I love that mini pool! Where did you get it at? P is just soooo adorable!! :)

  2. So cute!!!

    Im a new follower from Toddling Tuesday :)


  3. Thank you for the follow! Happy to say I am following you back, what can I say? I can't resist an adorable baby :)