Thursday, July 7, 2011

5 month Favs

The last 2 weeks P has really become more active and interacting with Andy, myself and her toys. It is so fun to be dangling toys in front of her and have her reach forward to them or to put her in the crib with some toys and she will entertain herself while momma gets some things done.

Here are a few of her favorite things:

1. My pal Violet
You plug Violet into your computer and personalize her with the child's name, favorite food and favorite animal. Different songs are played and P lights up whenever she hears her voice. "I'd like a llama, please, it's my favorite animal. I'd like for it to eat applesauce, please, it's my favorite food. And I'll call it Peighton, just like you."

2. Munchkin Mesh Feeder
These things are genius! We are starting to introduce solids and P has been a drooling machine (presumably due to teething) so I have been putting fresh or frozen fruit into this bad boy and let her go to town. She likes watermelon, cantelope, mandrine oranges and apples. It keeps her busy and allows her to taste new things with out the scare of her choking on the pieces.

3. Luv you zoo jumperoo

P loves her Jumperoo! She finally gets that you are actually supposed to push off both your feet in jump. For awhile she would just sway around and sing (scream) with the music.

4. Lamaze toys

These toys are great. We also have the octopus and moose. They have different materials, textures, noises and bright colors to keep P entertained for a bit. I highly recommend any of there fun characters!

5. Sassy Letter Links

While of course P can't spell yet, she loves these links. They are easy for her to grab onto and shove in her mouth :) She likes to bang them onto things!


  1. Carina loves almost everything you've listed here. Every time I see a My Pal Violet or Scout now the obnoxious music pops into my head.

    I'd like a MONKEY please, it's my favorite animal!

    Thanks for linking up to Toddle Along Tuesday at Growing Up Geeky and Our Growing Garden!

  2. That Mesh Feeder is wonderful to have. :) I usually put ice in it for Arianna and she just "nom-nom-nom" on it.

    And I'm going to get this My Pal Violet for Arianna. I hear everyone rave about it so I must get it for her. :)