Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so I hope everyone had a good day with friends, family and loved ones! Andy and I celebrated our love on Saturday night. Peighton went to his parent's house for a few hours and we shopped and had a great dinner. I even got to enjoy a big plate of sushi and a beer :)

Last night I took back over my soccer teams. I have been feeling almost back to normal and been itching to start working out. Usually doctors tell you to wait 6 weeks, but since I was so active with my teams up until the big day, she told me I would likely bounce back quicker and could start when feeling well enough. Monday I started with yoga and last night I scrimmaged with both of my teams for about 20 minutes each. I left the gym dripping in sweat and so excited. It felt great!!

Here is Peighton on Valentine's Day:

Here are a few other pictures:

And lastly, a video :)

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