Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Broken record

Ok, now I tend to think of myself as a happy and easy going person, but being pregnant has been a whole new story (obviously, since it is my first time). Working retail at the moment, I meet hundreds of women each day, and I feel like my conversations are on repeat. First, they walk up and I can see them eye the belly, look at my face, glance at my left hand and then look at my belly again. I ignore it and carry on with the required questions. Today I decided to take a little poll.

17 out of 28 people asked "When are you due?"
I tell them February 1st, 7 more weeks. When I say 7 more weeks it seems to hit them more that it is much sooner then later, as opposed to the date.
Of the 28 that asked, 13 told me how small I am and if I was sure I am that far along. 21 told me I look great and 1 asked if I was having twins. REALLY?!?

17 also asked if we are having a boy or girl. 3 then took back the question and said "Wait, let me guess" and then studied me up and down like I was on display at a museum. All 3 guessed I am having a boy and of course, all 3 are wrong. Of the 17 that asked boy or girl, all 17 awwwwed and stated a girl and said that girls are the best. I can't help but wonder, if I told them she was really a he, would they just stay quite and feel sorry for me, or would they say little boys are the best?

Then with some, the name conversation comes up. Yes we have decided on a name and we are keeping it a surprise. Some say they love that idea, 2 young girls told me today that that was stupid. Excuse me!? I then told them that I thought the shirt they were purchasing was ugly. Bitchy move? Yes. Right move? Oh double yes.

Many women talk about how much they love/loved being pregnant. I can't help but have my jaw drop a bit in admiration and wonder. Really? I mean, I love knowing that Andy and I created this beautiful girl and I get so happy thinking how we have our own family now; but lets be realistic. You loved the 3 months of vomiting your brains out? You loved gaining 15-60 pounds and either having to buy unheard of sizes or stretching out your existing clothes? You loved the varicose veins?  Heart burn? Swollen feet? Headaches?
I love my baby and I love Andy, but I do not love being pregnant. Each day I see cute clothes being put out and think about how I can't wait to be skinny again and not have to get dressed in the dark.

Does this make me vain? Sure. I know everyone has their own opinions and thoughts. I know that this doesn't make me a bad person or a bad mom, just honest.

So, I hold my glass of apple juice high, and cheers to motherhood and only having 7 more weeks until I meet my little girl and can get my butt in the gym!

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