Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pretty Princess

Peighton's new favorite thing to get into? My make up bag! She always seem to find it and loves pulling everything out, one by one.

This made me start to think about how in another year or two, Peighton will likely ask me why I put make-up on. To me, this is tricky as I don't want to tell her it makes me pretty as I obviously don't want her to think she needs it to be pretty. I feel like society already puts so much pressure on young girls to be skinny and gorgeous. I want Peighton to be oblivious to all the materialistic things and just enjoy being a kid! Play football during recess like your mommy did, or wear boy clothes like mommy did. My toys of choice were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, my skip-it and chalk. Outside was the place to be. Oblivious to the worry of wearing designer jeans, short skits and just running around causing trouble :)

So Peighton, let the record show. No make-up until high school. No diva attitude, no scandalous clothes and no attitude to you momma. Or else.

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  1. Hi!! Why is it they love getting into everything other than their own stuff? I take it Peighton is on the move? Liam has kept me on my toes since crawling over a week ago, and boy can he get around leaving his trail...I agree with what you're saying about make-up and not getting caught up in what you think you are supposed to look and act like. Good for you!!