Monday, October 31, 2011

My dream for Peighton

Dear Peighton,

You have blessed your daddy and I for 9 months now. I can not believe you have already been the star in our lives for that long. This time last year I was just starting to have you visible in my belly and now you are crawling all over and cruising on the furniture. We just came back to the zoo and you loved seeing the polar bear swim around and come up right in front of you.

While at the zoo, there was a group of teenage girls walking around and chatting. Using "chatting" lightly as every other word seemed to be a swear word or something vulgar. I couldn't help but wonder what you will be like as you get older.

I hope that you have my dashing good looks, your daddy's patience, your Papa Joe's kind heart, your Grandma Eileen's strong will, your Uncle Drewbee's problem solving ability and your G'ma Sandy's room filling laugh. I hope that you see how much your daddy and I believe in you and therefor know that ANYthing you want to do, you can do it. Hard work and dedication should not scare you away, but challenge you to rise up and succeed. I hope that you quickly learn that a kind heart will get you farther then a mean scowl. Saying please and thank you will make you memorable. Just smiling at someone can make their day and you can never tell those close "I love you" too many times. You will learn who your true friends are, and when you do, don't ever let them go. You are stuck with your family, so embrace them and enjoy the laughs and memories together, because life doesn't wait for you.

As you become a teenager, I know it will be so hard for me to just start to let you be free and experience things on your own. Humor me and give me a kiss when I ask and always hug your daddy goodnight. Your heart will get broken by dumb boy, and we will be right here to hold you (your dad may or may not kick his ass, we will see on that one). I hope that you go to college and have the time of your life while preparing yourself for the rest of your life. Do not be the first to judge, as chances are you will someday be like that person and need someone to stand by you.

I love you Peighton. While I am sitting here crying at the thought of how quickly you are going to grow up and go on your own adventures; I know you will make us proud. Proud for daddy and I to say "That's our daughter." Proud of the choices you make and the battles you fight. If you make a bad choice, it is about how you fix things and rebound back. Always come back stronger honey, you will make others jealous.

For now, I will keep cuddling you extra in the mornings. I will let you sleep in my arms for a few extra minutes and take the time for us to go on our special walks. We will continue making a fool out of ourselves to get that adorable baby laugh and sing crazy made up songs to make you smile.

I love you my daughter. Now and forever.


  1. I am wiping away happy tears. Love this!

  2. What a beautiful letter for little Peighton!! Such nice words...