Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When I see a Calla Lily

When ever I see a Calla Lily I think of my Late Aunt Deanne. I have hundreds of memories with her, but for some reason, this flower just seems to instantly bring me closer to her. When she lived in California, she had the most beautiful backyard ever. I remember these being scattered across the yard and her dividing them up and now my dad's yard is full of the beautiful flowers. My Aunt had a laugh that would fill a room and an energy that is indescribable. You couldn't help but smile and just enjoy the moment when you were with her. I miss her a lot and she has been on my mind a lot the past few weeks and I had a dream about her just the other night.

Today I logged onto SwagBucks (which is an awesome search engine website that you accumulate "bucks" on and then redeem them for free giftcards) and the first thing I see if a special awareness on Lupis. My Aunt battled Lupis for a long time and it lead to many of her additional health issues. Swagbucks is asking for donations of these bucks and will in return make a cash donation to the Lupis Foundation of America. I cherish these bucks as I have been collecting them for Amazon giftcards, but I cherish the memories of my Aunt even more. I donated just over 2,000 Swagbucks in hopes that their research will help doctors fight this disease and one day find a cure.

I am thinking about you Deanne. Doll houses, holidays, RV's, blackberries, koi fish, side walk chalk, story time, gardens and most of all; Calla Lilys.

To learn more about Lupis, visit their website HERE

If you are not a part of Swagbucks, sign up HERE


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  2. What a beautiful memory.
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