Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stranger Danger?

Today Miss P and I met Andy for lunch (mmm Chinese Buffet!!) and then I needed to go to the post office to mail out a package and some letters. We are still using the travel system so A) I can work on my guns and B) it is just so much more convenient to haul her around in the seat instead of carrying her in and out for a quick trip.

So I decide that I would get her out of the seat and show her off to let her stretch. Bad move mommy. I had a bag of gifts I was mailing to my Elfster for an exchange and needed to shove them all in a box while holding her. She sat on the bench/railing while leaning into me and clutching my shirt for deal life. I was trying to shove 7 items into a too small of a box, but I was determined to only pay $10 as opposed to $15 for the larger (I know it's only 5 dollars, but being a stay at home mom has me doing what I can!) A lady in front of me could see the struggle and offered to hold Peighton for a moment while I got my box ready. I sized her up. Literally looking her from head to toe and completely judging her. She has a wedding ring on...nice outfit...cute purse. She then told me that she has 2 little boys and her mom was home with them so she could have a few hours alone to run errands. I know anyone can say that, but I have to admit, she looked the part. I eyed the door, eyed the security cameras and handed Peighton over. In my mind I am thinking how I will destroy this lady with a punch and a few kicks (soccer player, I know) and I know I can run faster then her. She held her for maybe a minute and then went on her way. Whew.

With all the crazies out there, I never would think of giving her to a stranger and even though it was just for a minute, I was still so nervous. Have you been offered assistance with your children like this? Or maybe you, like this lady, have offered to help another? And please don't stone me. I will kick your ass promise I am a good momma :)


  1. A lady helped Reagan off the train at the zoo when I had my hands full with Olivia and our stuff. But after her fit about the train, I would've been ok with her taking off with her. ;) (JUST KIDDING)

  2. You're not a bad mommy. It sucks the world has come to this, though. Damn crazies.

  3. I used to be worried about offering to help but oddly enough no one seemed to mind me offering when I was pregnant. Now I still offer, and try my damnedest to not be hurt if someone says no. (I know I don't often look the almost-40, lawyer with a baby of my own type)