Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saving money Tuesday

I am hooked on saving money. I have always liked a good bargain, but once we got prego with P, i knew I had to step up my game. P has a crazy amount of clothes, but there is not a single piece that I have paid full price for. Most of the clothes she is wearing now I bought LAST summer when stores were trying to make room for fall/winter stuff. Old Navy is a gold mine when they have their additional 40-50% off clearance stickers. I have a stack of tank tops that I got from there for $.35-.99 each! P has a tub of winter clothes I again, bought last winter for next to nothing. I buy big to be sure she can wear them and if not, back in the bin for the next ones.

Just recently I started using coupons. Coupons are a powerful thing once you learn how to use them! Check out my goodies from yesterday:
I check out the adds each Sunday and then look through my coupons to match things up. I make Andy take Peighton and I actually enjoy this. To me it is like a game in which I see how I can spend the least amount of money as possible.

CVS was my first stop. I did two transactions so I could use ExtraBucks.
  • #1- 1 Skintimate shave gel- orig $2.19
  • 1 eight count of pens- $1.99
  • 2 three counts of Women's Schick Quatro razors- $9.49 each
I had a B1G1 for the razors (-9.49), a $2.00 Schick Quatro razor and a $.55 for the shave gel. I then used $9.00 in EB from my last trip making my grand total $2.28! I then got $10EB for the purchase of razors & gel and $1.99EB for the pens!

  • #2- 2 Tide stain releases on Clearance for $3.36 each
  • 2 Tubes of Crest toothpaste- $2.99 each
  • 1 Softsoap Bodywash- $3.00
  • 1 Softsoap hand soap- $2.00
  • 1 Ladies Deodorant- $3.00
I then used 1 $2.00Tide coupon, 1 $1.00 Tide coupon, $.75 Bodywash coupon, $.50 deodorant coupon, $.35 hand soup coupon, $1.00 Crest coupon and a $.75 Crest coupon. I then used the $11.99EB from Transaction #1 making my total $2.55! I also have $7.00EB for next week! So I was basically paid to take this stuff out of the store!

Next was Walgreens. They had Wisk detergent on sale for $6.99 and you got a free box of Downy dryer sheets with each bottle purchased. I had two $2.00 Wisk Coupons making it $4.99 for a bottle of detergent AND dryer sheets! Score!

We then finally got to Target. Highlight of my year right here. We have been putting off getting Miss P a convertible car seat and now I am so happy we did. I found this Evenflo Triumph 6, originally $149.99 for ONLY $37.48!!! I was so excited I squealed and sat on the box so no one could steal it while I double checked on the reviews. Deal of the year!

I will never become one of those people that buys stuff just to hoard it. However, I fully intend to stock up on everyday things such as diapers, toothpaste, paper towels, toilet paper, razors ect!

3 cheers for saving money!!


  1. I too am a bargain shopper. VERY RARELY do I buy something full price. Thanks for stopping by my blog...following you back!


  2. I wish I was this good of a bargain shopper... new follower from a Thursday hop. Please return the favor and follow me back realadventuresfromamomof3.blogspot.com

  3. Dang woman! I wish I had your skills when it comes to couponing. My husband always ruins it for me when he texts me, "Oh I need new razors. I need hairspray" and it totally throws my game plan off. LOL.

    I really need to check out Target. My cousin just told me there's a 75% clearance sale and this would be a good idea to get a convertible car seat.