Friday, July 15, 2011

Crafty Friday

Ever since I got pregnant with P, the crafty side of my has come out. Growing up my mom was always working on something on her sewing machine, so I think it came as second nature to do some projects. Peighton's nursery is full of DIY projects that I did to keep busy, and I now try to have a project a week to do when she is napping. In the past I have made lampshades, picture frames, bird houses, pillowcase dresses, headbands and tutu's. This week I worked on another headband for the adorable P.

It took a long time to cut all of the flowers out and my critique of myself is that I would like to find a pattern of one and use it for each one so that I don't have some funky, odd shaped flowers :) I really like this because I can make this match just about any outfit. I am also going to make a few others with different color schemes.


  1. I think it's amazingly cute!

  2. Love the headband!!

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  3. So cute, love that she actually wears them!

  4. Her outfit and headband is so cute. :) I've always wanted to make a headband. I just haven't got myself to start yet, lol.

  5. Your daughter is so cute! I love that headband, too!

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  6. Great headband and it seems that Peighton likes it, too!

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  7. Hi I'm a new follower from TAT and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your headband! I can relate about the crafty side coming out. I think it happened to me when I left my job. :o)

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